Safety + Tech

Safety + Tech

Safety + Technology

We believe beautiful intelligent electric motorcycles is what todays discerning riders crave. They don’t want a bland plastic shell covering cheap and pointless gimmicks – that’s not their way.

Fooza has not only partnered with advanced solution partners but also developed its own technology to bring the best safety and tech to our riders.

Here are just some of the standard and optional solutions you can choose from on your Fooza motorcycle.

On-Board Phone Charging

As your Fooza motorcycle is an extension of your brand, it needs to connect to the centre of your connected world! We wanted to ensure both products worked in harmony, so your Fooza motorcycle connects and charges your smartphone as you ride.

Stored in a watertight cubby in front of the rider, your phone connects and charges in a safe, secure and legal place – but the screen is shared on your dash screen!!

CarPlay & Android Auto

Connected to your smartphone, your Fooza bike has in-built CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity – so you can see all of your key apps right in front of you on the dash screen.

This means you can not only glide your way through the streets or dales using your phones in-built Sat Nav, but you can also receive key information from one screen – ensuring you concentrate on the road – not fumbling for a phone!

Fooza’s Unique Audible Sound

Ok, lets tackle the sound discussion head on! The old petrol engine motorcycles made a noise that many say is part of the exhilaration of riding a motorcycle. We agree – but we didn’t want to emulate an old polluting way just like cars don’t sound like steam engines!

All of the Fooza motorcycle range has a unique and invigorating pulse sound that as you accelerate – increases with your speed. There is no sound like it and we know you are going to love watching peoples faces as you ride past.

Wireless Key

We wanted to bring the same luxury technology used in high specification car brands and use them in every Fooza motorcycle. One of these was how the rider’s motorcycle was secured.

Every Fooza motorcycle comes with 2 key fobs that, once the rider has sat on the bike, the motorcycle senses and allows thee bike to start.

There are other security features that ensures you Fooza motorcycle stays with you that we can run through with you in person, but we don’t want to publish them for those that are not riders!

Regenerative Braking

As you ride, we wanted to ensure you got the maximum range possible by using not only advanced battery technology but use clever physics to give you more power!

Whenever you brake – the energy created by the braking is used to add charge back into your battery. This increases your range and fun times!

The better you ride the further you go – its as simple as that.

Motorcycle-To-Camp Charging

Exclusive to the U+ – as an explorer you may want to go out into the wilderness and sleep under the stars on your trusted motorcycle. So we thought it would be great if your U+ looked after you in those dark nights.

For this reason we have enabled the U+ to have a power out socket to allow you to power lights, stoves, whatever you need to support your wild adventures.

360 Cam

So you want to relive your excitement of your ride! Play back that funny thing you saw on the way to the office or just want to show your friends how much fun you have!

An option on all models of the Fooza family is to have HD cameras built into the front and rear of your bike so you have a 360 degree recording of your ride!

This footage is stored on an onboard removable drive so you can transfer it to any device with ease!

Surround Vision Sensors

To ensure your continued safety, we have an option for you to also have our Surround Vision sensors installed on your bike which will show on your dash screen all vehicles or obstacles that are around you.

No need for “eyes in the back of your head, our Surround Vision solution aids your safe passage to any destination, night and day.

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