We believe that individuality and ethical personal mobility is what the discerning rider wants. They only buy quality hand built products that reflect their personal brand as well as deliver the technical capabilities they expect in todays products.

So the team at Fooza created a boutique electric motorcycle brand that delivers not just that but is fun and safe too!!

Our time served engineers, which have previously designed and engineered for the top traditional motorcycle brands, F1 Championship winning teams and luxury automotive brands, were bought together to deliver what you see today.

The Problem (why)

There are three main groups creating electric motorcycles today:

Traditional petrol powered brands that find themselves having to modify their old ways into a digital world.

Old School Legacy brands that continue to deliver petrol powered motorcycles to an aging fan base.

Mass market EV motorcycle builders that build thousands of motorcycles a year from cheap unethical and in the main non sustainable materials.

The new generation of riders are looking for much more than the above, but haven’t got a wide array of choice that could deliver for their needs.

Our Customers

We believe there is a market for beautiful statement EV motorcycles, hand built in the UK for the rider that wants to be different and extend their personal brand with their Fooza motorcycle.

Todays decerning rider wants a beautiful vehicle, in the colour selection they desire and the technology that they can’t do without.

Our customer profile buys only the best products because they like their aesthetic and how it makes them feel – cost isn’t a deciding factor.

Our Ethics

From the ground up our team have selected only ethically sourced parts to be used on our motorcycles. We make sure all that have had a hand in the production of any element of our vehicles is treated with the same utmost respect as our own team here in England.

We also ensure all materials are sourced from sustainable materials that, in the main, can be recycled in the future. Like any luxury vehicle, a Fooza motorcycle is an investment and will keep on going many many years after the cheap throw away EV motorcycles available from other brands.

We don’t claim to be the fastest or have the most range in the snow! We deliver beautifully individual, hand built, sustainable and ethical motorcycles that assures tomorrows world stays cleaner – so we can ride through its beauty.

Your Investment

Does this sound like a company, a team and a vision you would like to be part of? Mark Williams, CEO of Fooza is looking for a very small group of Investors that shares the Fooza vision and wants to be part of the ride!

This is the time to join with us as you can have a real impact in advising, guiding and supporting Fooza’s growth across the world. But its only for those who truly believe they can add value as well as financial support. As a team we will grow, and we want you to be part of that team.

Do you want to learn more? Please fill in the form below to contact Mark and the team directly.

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