Model U - The Urban Explorer

For the individual commuter in the growing congested towns and cities of this world, it is key that you stay safe, keep moving and look great!

And once the working week is done, you can to get out and explore that world outside the city with a friend or partner! Having this multi-social capability means you get the best of your worlds! The model U has been designed especially for you…

Individual Design
When you step out on the streets, you want to show your individuality. Not only can you configure the colours of your U, but its presence is unlike any other bike on the road. Our team developed the U from the ground up, not to follow the crowd of how old school motorcycles and scooters look and feel, but to deliver the maximum comfort and safe riding a two-wheeler can bring.

For the Beginner or the Experienced
If you are new to the world of power on two wheels, your U will help you to select the power and torque of your U from the selection of battery you have, to the SAS (Semi-Autonomous Safety) system keeping even more eyes on the road to aid your riding experience – the U is looking out for you. No matter who you are or your levels of experience, the U will glide you around town as if you were a hardened pro!

Who wants to go places?
When you are not on the commute around town, your U has the range and capabilities to take on a road trip that may become more un-even than the city.
Having space to take a friend and/or overnight luggage means you don’t just have to be home before 10!

Model U - A safe, connected and fully configurable bike for the Urban Explorer in all of us.


Simple Specifications

Top Speed (max)
Torque (max)
Range (max)
Charge (mins)
  • battery range
    160 KM Battery Range
  • connected
    LTE - Connected
  • dynamic configuration
    Custom Colours
  • exhilarating
  • on-board luggage
    On-Board Luggage
  • semi-autonomous ai
    Semi-Autonomous AI
  • serious fun
    Serious Fun
  • smartphone paired
    Smartphone Ready
  • super charging
    Super Charging
  • sustainable
  • top speed
    90Kph Top Speed
  • true sound emulation
    True Sound Emulation
  • ultra cool
    Ultra Cool

Too find out more of the S’s technical specifications, get in touch.
One of our excitable tech boffins will be sooo pleased to answer any question you have.

model u a base

Model U Option B

Model U Option C

Model U Option D

Model U Option E

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