Executive Summary

  • An Electric mobility brand that has initially evolved the future of two-wheel vehicles for today’s world.
  • A unique aspirational product range entering into an un-inspiring global electric two-wheeler market that was worth around $11 billion in 2018.
  • Designed and Developed by Award Winning team of designers and engineers from across the globe.
  • Experienced management team with successful track record.
  • Not only appropriate to a consumer market but also business, government and authorities.
  • Sole Investor funded to date.
  • In at the start of the journey with the ability to aid steering the vehicle…

The Problem

A global community needs safe, clean, fun, affordable and personalised transport

The global residents of this world need mobility to empower their lives. For the urban or country dweller, how they get from A to B is essential and in the most part a personal choice.

With the continued focus of a global community wanting to minimise pollution, fossil fuelled transportation has to be phased out rapidly. But just because the world has moved from fossil to electric power, doesn’t mean the vehicles we drive, or ride should be just the same but with a battery!

Motorcycles in some countries in the world are a necessity, but in others have now become the “other” mode of transport for an aging group of people that love the thrill of freedom two wheels gives them.

With the congestion on our roads, the pollution in our cities and aging, in-adequate and sometimes dangerous public transportation, personal mobility has to be one of the answers to this global issue

We believe that there are millions of new riders just waiting to have a personal mobility solution on two wheels, that truly is personal to you - configured to have everything they aspire and desire their vehicle to have,

There was a need for a new way and forward-thinking brand that answers the call for all levels and requirements of commuters and thrill seekers, no matter where they are and what their riding capabilities are today.


The Solution

Fooza has been created to innovate two-wheel mobility for the forward thinking

The design and engineering team at Fooza’ s sister company Deeo are based across the globe and have tens of thousands of hours of experience in the development and design of a wide variety of vehicles, especially Motorcycles. Mark Williams, the CEO of the group, gave the team the challenge to visualise design and engineer a range of motorcycles, designed from the ground up, to appeal to not only existing motorcycle riders but embrace new users.

All vehicles in the Fooza line-up would be designed, from the ground up to be:

Exhilarating and fun!
Personally configured – choose all colours combinations of your bike and have the ability to change in the future (the “Swatch Watch” of the motorcycle world)
A minimum 75% recyclable and zero emission
Safe – Ai semi-autonomous safety technology
Connected to your smartphone

Each vehicle in the Fooza Line-up would have an audience.

U – For Urban and City mobility but with the ability to explore on weekends!
S – For the next level rider that wants the next generation Sports bike – a true extension of them
X – The Xtreme bike of Fooza’s range developed purely for the Track. Only 30 of these bikes made per year and personally configured and specified with one of the Fooza engineers

To read more on the initial Fooza line up, select the appropriate pages of the website.

Business Model

Affordable Aspiration for the Next Two-Wheeler Generation

Fooza’s range has been visualised, designed and developed to create truly unique mobility products that will appeal to a global market and age demographic from 17-75. Unique people that want to have fun, stay safe and simply get from A to B in their own personal style.

We wanted to ensure all of this was affordable too. That means using a global quality supply chain to manufacture all parts. The assembly of all products (excluding the X bike) will be completed in a clean production line environment. Locations TBA. The X model will be hand built in the UK.

Target consumer cost per bike, sold directly from the Fooza website.

U - £7,500 (US$10,000)
S - £15,000 (US$20,000)
X - £30,000 (US$40,000)

Fooza have also been approached to tailor our vehicles for

  • Parcel “Last Mile” Delivery
  • Post Office
  • Emergency Services and Military Applications

We are now in the early development stage of the X and also the O – our next evolution.


The Market

Global Innovation for a Global Market
The global electric two-wheeler market stood at around $11 billion in 2018. While currently a small percentage of overall electric two-wheeler sales (at approximately 2.5%) the global market is expected to grow strongly in the near future with 129 million units forecast to be running on roads by 2028.


India is currently the largest motorcycle market in the world with roughly 80% of vehicles used in the country falling in to the two wheeled category and 2017 sales in excess of 20 million units. As part of a drive to deal with pollution problems in many cities the Indian government has set aggressive targets for electrification of the two-wheeler market, making a commitment to ban internal combustion bikes below 150cc by 2025. The Indian government has announced subsidies to support this growth under the FAME II scheme offering a rebate of up to $369 dependant on battery size.

Some of the major players of the Indian electric scooters and motorcycles market are Hero Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., Electrotherm (India) Ltd., Avon Cycles Ltd, Ampere Vehicles Pvt Ltd., LOHIA AUTO INDUSTRIES, Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd., NDS Eco Motors Private Limited.
Electric motorcycle manufacturers based in India include Tork, Emflux, Revolt motors, Tunwai, Menza and Ultraviolette.

For Investors

Be part of an amazing ride!
We are now looking for Investors and established businesses to partner with to enable our unique vision to continue to grow.

We are looking at investors that have a passion for the Fooza brand – Personal Mobility for an Aspirational Generation. We are not an existing motorcycle company that has changed a fuel tank to a battery and released an electric vehicle… Our products are developed from ground up to not just address but exceed the global markets aspirations.

The next phase is for Fooza to scale – be part of our exciting journey.


Business Partners

Are you a subsystem, vehicle manufacturer or doughnut store that wants to bring your capabilities to aid Fooza’s exponential growth? We want to hear from you.

We know what we are awesome at, let us know what you are, and we can see if we can all work together?


Let’s have a chat?

We hope you share our vision and want to be part of our ride?

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to working with you!!

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