Model X – Xtreme Track Hyperbike

If you want to be part of Fooza’s Xclusive group of X owners that want a custom-built Track Day Hyperbike, the X has been developed for you!

Each X is based on the S model platform, but that is where its similarity ends. To increase all aspects of a Track Xperience, the Fooza team set to work on creating a unique model that is lighter, faster and has more power and torque than you may have every experienced. A machine designed purely for the track to give you the most exhilarating ride and thankfully control and stop!

Heritage meets Future
The Fooza team and our ever-growing family have decades of experience in developing traditional motorcycles built for speed. With the advances in battery, motor, brake and comms technology this understanding of what would be awesome to achieve in a Track Day bike, is now available. We have just harnessed it and wrapped it in beauty.

With Advanced Telemetry
On the X, the need for a connected device change. There will be a fixed static display for the rider and an IOS and Android App that will stream live telemetry from the bike – real-time – so your team can monitor your live progress. Once you return from your ride, you can see all areas where you need to change your ways!

For an Exclusive Client
Only 30 of the model X bikes will be built per year. As a discerning customer, you will be allocated a Fooza Xperience team member that will work with you in all aspects of the setup, final equipment and colour configuration selection you desire.

And Amazing Team Support
You and any member of your support team will be able to come to our build facility and learn how to maintain and support your X ready for when you enter competition days. We will also have spare parts available to be ordered, so your fun doesn’t stop.

The X is now in development and we will be launching it in mid-2020. Not long to wait, but plenty of time for you to reach out and discuss your thoughts, wants and desires and one of the Xperience Team will be glad to discuss things with you.

Model X - Truly re-defines the way a Sports bike is built, handles and performs!


Simple Specifications

  • battery range
    Battery Range
  • connected
  • dynamic configuration
    Dynamic Configuration
  • exhilarating
  • on-board luggage
    On-Board Luggage
  • semi-autonomous ai
    Semi-Autonomous AI
  • serious fun
    Serious Fun
  • smartphone paired
    Smartphone Paired
  • super charging
    Super Charging
  • sustainable
  • top speed
    Top Speed
  • true sound emulation
    True Sound Emulation
  • ultra cool
    Ultra Cool

Too find out more of the X’s technical specifications, get in touch.
One of our excitable tech boffins will be sooo pleased to answer any question you have.

model s a base

model s b black

model s c base

model s d base

model s e base

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