Model S

For the more experienced rider that wants to go further, quicker and on a more substantial Sports inspired bike, the S has been developed for you!

With its unique stance and body shape, the complete package of the S has been evolved to maximise performance, stability and feel. It was essential to our team that we gave the rider the feeling that their personally configured S was a true extension of themselves.

Designed for the Rush!
The S puts you in charge of its awesome electric powertrain delivering blistering performance. But the absence of a combustion engine between your legs does not mean you don’t feel the emotion of sound and vibration. Our onboard (SaVE)Sound and Vibration Emulation) module - found on all Fooza models - is tuned specifically for that Sports Bike feel so all of your senses will tingle!

Planted to the Road
Feel confident with the S with Fooza’s unique steering and body design, perfectly balanced and proportioned for the best ride experience. With all that power, the ability to feel at one with the S gives you confidence in all environments.

Keep on Going
The S has greater speed, torque and range getting you even further - quicker! Additional capacity onboard and larger Plug’n’Play capabilities means the S truly delivers fun all day long.

Model S - Truly re-defines the way a Sports bike is built, handles and performs!

Model S

Simple Specifications

Top Speed (max)
Torque (max)
Range (max)
Charge (mins)
  • battery range
    Battery Range
  • connected
  • dynamic configuration
    Dynamic Configuration
  • exhilarating
  • on-board luggage
    On-Board Luggage
  • semi-autonomous ai
    Semi-Autonomous AI
  • serious fun
    Serious Fun
  • smartphone paired
    Smartphone Paired
  • super charging
    Super Charging
  • sustainable
  • top speed
    Top Speed
  • true sound emulation
    True Sound Emulation
  • ultra cool
    Ultra Cool

Too find out more of the U’s technical specifications, get in touch.
One of our excitable tech boffins will be sooo pleased to answer any question you have.

model s a base

model s b black

model s c base

model s d base

model s e base

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