Introducing Fooza

Fooza has been born to reshape the way two-wheel personal mobility is delivered to todays and tomorrows riders. All here at the Fooza family are committed to creating ground breaking bikes, engineered and developed for performance, practicality and safety, with the ability to make your bike as individual as you are!

Every one of the models in our line-up has been specifically designed and developed, from the ground up, to exceed the expectations of a particular user group. But at the same time deliver the unique combination of Signature Features you will find with every Fooza model.

Experiencing Freedom

Each of our models are designed to not only be a functional, beautiful extension of you, but just as important – put a smile on your face! The power and performance are delivered by the latest in EV technology in harmony with many years of motorcycle design.

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A World of Colour

Every bike we create will have the colour pack configured by YOU! Just select off the website when ordering and we will produce your bike in that unique combination. A true statement for the discerning rider that wants to be individual in today’s uniform world!


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In a Safe Connected Way

Your Fooza connects to your Smartphone and not only allows you to be connected safely while travelling but gives you access to selected Smartphone apps. Our Fooza App works in partnership with the SAS (Semi-Autonomous Safety) System on your bike to feedback your riding capabilities and areas of improvement.


Ready to Explore

With our unique Plug’n’Play battery packs, you can keep on going further and longer! You can select different battery versions that will give your Fooza different power and torque capabilities. You can also charge them on the bike or un-plug and charge in your home or office from a standard wall socket! Weekend fun or City commute – its as easy as selecting your coffee in the morning…

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Kind to our World

Pure electric mobility with zero fossil fuel emissions. We also aim for all of our products to be 75% re-cyclable. Plus, all of our components are sourced from environmentally friendly partners. Be part of a forward-thinking mobile community that will rapidly increase but will all be individual.

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These are the capabilities of

ALL Fooza Models

  • battery range
    Awesome Battery Range
  • connected
    Always Connected
  • dynamic configuration
    Dynamic Customisation
  • exhilarating
  • on-board luggage
    On-Board Luggage
  • semi-autonomous ai
    Semi-Autonomous AI
  • serious fun
    Serious Fun
  • smartphone paired
    Smartphone Paired
  • super charging
    Super-Fast Charging
  • sustainable
  • top speed
  • true sound emulation
    True Sound Emulation
  • ultra cool
    Ultra Cool

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Our Current Model Selection

Model U
Model S
Model X

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